Latino Health Science Enrichment Program (LaHSEP) Track 3 UIC Transfer Student

Interested in a health profession!

Are you a third year City College of Chicago (CCC) transfer student? Join LaHSEP Track 3

  • Six-week summer program for CCC transferring stu-dents to UIC
  • Provides students with a successful transition to UIC
  • Opportunity to participate in pre-health workshops, engage in organic/biochemistry, calculus, biostatistics and English courses.
  • Receive a stipend upon successful completion of pro-gram

Program Requirements

  • Have a genuine interest in medicine or the health sci-ences
  • Must be full-full time students
  • Majoring in Biological Sciences, Biochemistry or Neu-roscience
  • Completed UIC placement exams
  • Be registered for transfer orientation
  • Submit LaHSEP application, personal statement and two letters of recommendation

Application Deadline: June 7, 2024

Program Duration:

June 17, 2024—July 26, 2024

Apply starting Dec. 1st

For more information contact

Paulina M. Guzman at

[email protected]

Apply here:

About The Hispanic Center of Excellence
University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine:

The HCOE aims to improve the health and wellness of Latinx communities in Illinois. Our team delivers programs that increase the number of outstanding Latino/Hispanic applicants pursuing health careers. Our programs span the continuum of health education and promote the development of health practi-tioners who capably deliver language concordant and culturally responsive care to historically under-served Latinx communities.