IHG Program

International Health Graduates

Aligned with MOLA’s strategic plan and direction, our Mission is to provide continued professional development opportunities through education and networking for Latinx IMGs (International Medical Graduates) and other International Graduates in health care disciplines. The IHG (International Health Graduates) program supports those seeking to practice to the full potential of their international education and experience. MOLA affirms the role of international graduates in improving the health status of our Latinx community in The United States and Latin America. The program was created in June 2019 by IHG leaders Dr. Miguel Carabaño and Dr. Shojanny Salazar.


Our purpose is to develop a pipeline to Health careers by identifying opportunities to support IHG’s process of integrating their professions in The US healthcare system. Become a MOLA member access our services. Once a member, you can participate in the direction and management of this program by becoming an IHG committee member by expressing your interest in a message here.

Our IHG members participated for the first time in a Wellness event (MOLA 2019 Summer Family Picnic): IHGs networked with MOLA Board members and other MOLA members (2019).

1st place MOLA Blogging Contest:

“As the Hispanic/Latinx Community in America is Among the Hardest Hit by COVID-19, Spanish-Speaking International Medical Graduates Remain One of America’s Most Valuable Untapped Resources.” By Shojanny Salazar, MD

Mola’s IHG program 2019 – 2020 outcomes
“Beyond USMLE Series”
  • These workshops aim to help IHGs skill building a competitive CV based on successful applicants and current practitioners best practices 2019.
  • IHG panel discussion on how to lead to a better Match season under the 2020’s  pandemic.
Community Events
  • Health Fair organized by Chicago Ecuadorian Lions Club in coordination with the MOLA’s Mentorship program on promoting healthy lifestyles in low income and uninsured Spanish speaking populations.
  • “Educational Needs and Preferences Assessment of Latino Physicians and Medical Trainees: An Exploratory Survey Study to Complement the MOLA Mentorship Program.” by Dr. Shojanny Salazar. Oral presentation at the 3rd annual MOLA Latino Health Symposium Chicago Northwestern University. Poster Presentation at BNGAP’s 10th Anniversary/Pre-Faculty Career Development Conference, University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Online petition support Letter to Remove Barriers for Medical Graduates (IMGs) In Illinois To Help Fight Covid-19 Pandemic. Here
Educational Events supported by IHGs
  • First responders in trauma emergencies for high school students from underserved areas in  Chicago. In collaboration with the TRUE program from Northwestern University in 2019 and 2020 sessions.
  • IHG breakout session part of the 4TH LATINO HEALTH SYMPOSIUM 2020. Co-hosted by IHG Committee’s leadership.
Leadership Development
  • Leadership Lunch in the 3rd Mola Latino Health Symposium at Northwestern University, October 2019.
  • “The Growing Need for Diversity in Healthcare” by the University of Phoenix Media, Chicago, IL. Dr. Shojanny Salazar, MOLA’s IMG Co-chair, represented MOLA participating in the panel.
MOLA – IHG members in the Media
  • Dr. Vanessa Ferrer, IHG MOLA member, was our featured speaker, answering questions about COVID 19 in Telemundo phonebank and responding to questions from the community.
IHG Leadership
  • MOLA -IHG members are one of the most dynamic and engaged group: The IHG committee is composed of three elected members of the Board of Directors.
Dr. Janeth Castaño and Dr. Sandra Cordova, IHG co-chairs
Dr. Janeth Castaño
Dr. Sandra Cordova
‘We are inspired by our own experience and our IHG’s collective desire to belong with a supportive family in the U.S.; MOLA firmly supports, mentors, and motivates us and enables us to give back and helping our community’

Dr. Shojanny Salazar (MOLA’s IHG committee Co-Chair), Dr. Margarita Mankus, Dr. Andres Sanchez (MOLA’s IHG member) and other MOLA volunteer members collaborating and assisting in a Health Fair created by the Chicago Ecuadorian Lions Club to promote healthy lifestyles in the uninsured Spanish speaking community (2020).

Dr.  Janeth Castaño (MOLA’s IHG board member), Dr. Francis Guerra (MOLA’s IHG member), Dr. Shojanny Salazar (MOLA’s IHG committee Co-Chair), Dr. Margarita Mankus (MOLA Membership Secretary) participated and presented at the 3rd annual MOLA Latino Health Symposium (2019).

Dr. Miguel Carabaño, Dr. Shojanny Salazar and Dr. Francis Guerra moderated, and presented BEYOND USMLE: Building a competitive CV Workshop (2019).

Dr. Vanessa Ferrer (MOLA’s IHG member from Venezuela), Rodrigo Venegas (MOLA’s IHG member from El Salvador) with other MOLA members represented MOLA and were featured speakers, answering questions about COVID 19 in Telemundo phonebank (2020).

Dr. Shojanny Salazar and Dr. Miguel Carabaño, MOLA’s IHG committee Co-Chairs, co-hosted and moderate the BEYOND USMLE Workshop-how to conduct a better Match season under the current pandemic situation in collaboration with Dr. Correa, Dr. Arruarana, Dr.Sanchez, Giovannetti and Dr. Valdez.

Beyond USMLE series: IMG Application, optimization, and Strategies for Match Success
Beyond USMLE Series: SOAP + Ranking 101