In an article titled Nonprofit Work: Burnout Prevention for Students and Doctors? from Doc Thoughts, a physician active in non-profit work tells of his experience. Many experts and physicians believe that engaging in work they have a passion helps them prevent symptoms of burnout and job dissatisfaction. Dr. Joaquin Estrada, whose work as a Colorectal Surgeon involves both a busy clinical practice and research, says that working for “MOLA reminds me why I went in to medicine.” As
How do you say Super Bowl in Spanish? How about Concussion? As we approach what in the U.S. is perhaps the most popular and most-watched televised programs of the entire year – the Super Bowl – I can’t help but wonder if all this time I’ve been saying it wrong in Spanish. “¿A dónde vamos a ver el Super Bowl?” we usually say. But then again, what is language beyond the words that we use
Light, Empathy, and the Spirit of the holidays By Pilar Ortega, MD Las Navidades, Christmas time, the Holiday Season… Nochebuena, Nochevieja, los Reyes Magos… There is so much to celebrate, and many of us, as Latinos in the United States, were born into—or have gradually incorporated—family or community traditions that are multicultural and often extend far beyond. In light of our intrinsic multiculturalism, this year, I would like to declare the spirit of the season
Pensamientos bilingües sobre dar gracias… El día de acción de gracias, Thanksgiving day, is a tradition that may have started in the United States, but the positive sentiments of gratefulness and reflection and the family-centeredness of the event have spread to many parts of the world, including Latin America. Lucy Aquino board member gives thanks MOLA overall has so many things to be grateful for. Starting with our amazing team of volunteers and board members
Dr. Gabriel J. Martinez-Diaz, a board-certified dermatologist in Chicago, IL and owner of M D Aesthetics and Dermatology in the West Loop of Chicago, educates the Hispanic/Latino community on the aspects relevant to skin cancer. As he indicates, skin cancer is color blind. With our changing demographics, Hispanic will comprise 30% of the U.S. population by 2050 (Census data). In the state of Illinois alone there’s over 2.1 million of Hispanics, making it the 5th