Public Health and Advocacy

LGBTQ Task Force. Chair:  Bryan Huerta, Pre-Medical Student

Bryan Huerta, Pre-Medical Student Launched in July 2022, The Task Force aims to establish an organization that strives to educate the healthcare community on Latinx LGBTQ+ health inequities, affirm healthcare language, and best practices addressing the health needs of the Latinx LGBTQ patient/client. We completed a grant-funded project named El Nido and graduated with 9 Mentees on LGBTQ outreach and HIV prevention and integrated an education session on LGBTQ history and health disparities into MOLA’s Mentorship Program’s core curriculum. The Task Force also initiated preliminary work on Gender-appropriate language in healthcare. The Task Force began compiling and designing content on culturally and clinically appropriate Latinx and LGBTQ-affirming healthcare practices. As part of the Latinx Health Symposium, Brya Huerta, along with Dr. Juan Diego Cedeño Gender Affirming Surgeon, presented as part of the LGBTQ track on Latino young aspiring physicians and gender-affirming surgical care for Latinx transitioning Individuals.

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