MOLA’s Biggest Event of the Year Needs You!

This year, MOLA is ready to celebrate its 6th Symposium: “Paving New Pathways” for everyone interested in improving health equity for the Latinx community. 2022 will be the first year our members will gather in person since the Covid-19 pandemic began. As always, The Latino Health Symposium is MOLA’s all-membership educational event and we have prepared experts that will offer their insights on technology and innovative healthcare. This gathering will be an excellent opportunity to access educational opportunities for physicians, health professionals, and student  attendees. In addition, an academic poster session will be a unique opportunity for participants to demonstrate their innovative scholarly achievements. Finally, there will be networking opportunities, including a mentorship event and a session for new attendees to get to know MOLA and develop opportunities for collaboration.

The main objectives for participants promise an impact on Latino health with regards to Education, Research, Innovation, and Collaboration! and would be summarized as follows.

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