MOLA representative, Yanina Guevara Advocates for Vaccinations at the Border

This past December, Doctors for Camp Closures, an organization made up of 2,000 healthcare professionals across the country, demanded that the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol provide influenza vaccinations for migrants held under their detention, especially children. Organizers held a three-day-long campaign in San Diego at the Border Patrol’s headquarters and detention facility where a free pilot influenza vaccination program was proposed by the group. After two days of scheduled meetings with Border Patrol, the licensed physicians were denied entry. These events along with media accounts of migrant children’s deaths due to influenza led to a culmination when six healthcare providers and allies were arrested at the Border Patrol’s headquarters for obstructing traffic. One of the organizers and physicians, Dr. Marie LoDuca, said this of their actions, “After more than one year of inaction, we feel it is important to show that we are serious and ready to provide flu vaccinations

Yanina Guevara is currently a second-year medical student at Rosalind Franklin University at the Chicago Medical School. Yanina serves as a MOLA student representative for their school and serves as a co-chair for the advocacy committee. Yanina was selected for a MOLA fellowship to represent MOLA in San Diego. Additionally, Yanina was supported by providing Mashall Safety Training for the marches that took place in San Diego, CA.

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