MOLA Members Delve into Breathing and Mindfulness to Improve their own Wellness as well as their patients’


MOLA was proud to feature MOLA member and Latina physician Dr. Sonia Oyola in the Wellness event on April 5th, 2018. Together with her colleague Greg Van Hyfte, Dr. Oyola presented about the evidence and practice behind simple but highly effective strategies to reduce stress and improve our wellness as physicians.

Dr. Oyola guides the audience through an exercise in progressive muscle relaxation that left us all feeling refreshed and ready for a new beginning. The exercise is fast and a proven remedy for sleeping difficulties.

Dr. Oyola’s passion and straightforward, calming style makes the topic of mindfulness and meditation approachable even for the most scientific and academic-minded physicians.

By popular demand, the session was conducted 100% ¡en español! – in Spanish! It was a relaxing opportunity to de-stress, eat healthy food, learn some good techniques, and brainstorm about our realities as Latino doctors and how we can stay healthier and prevent burnout.

The speakers went over some techniques which the audience was immediately able to put to practice, including mindfulness, the 4-7-8 breathing exercise, and the concept of mediation and having compassion for oneself.

Dr. Oyola shared that it is normal for our thoughts to wander and we need to treat ourselves and each other with more loving kindness. This is key to understanding ourselves and also our patients and to being present in the moment, rather than living in our mental “to-do” lists.

MOLA is excited to continue to partner with Yogacare again in the future. For more information about their organization, please visit


Sonia Oyola and Greg Van Hyfte with MOLA leaders Oscar Zambrano and Pilar Ortega.


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