MOLA Cenas: Inaugural Cena focused on “Couples in Medicine”

Have you ever wondered how to navigate a career in medicine when both you and your partner are in medical school? What is the couples’ match and how does it work? When is a good time to get married or have children? How do you balance your family and social expectations with your personal career goals? These are some of the exciting questions tackled by the MOLA physician couple Dr. Pilar Ortega and Dr. Joey Cooper in a personal setting with some of MOLA’s medical student couples.

The idea for “MOLA Cenas” was proposed and launched by medical student committee co-chair Itzel López-Hinojosa and was inaugurated on November 23, 2019 with attendees including Alfonso Gómez, Laura Rodrigues from Rosalind Franklin, Itzel from Pritzker, and Harsha Jujjavarapu from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. If you are a student, physician, or health professional interested in participating in or hosting a future MOLA Cenas event, please email [email protected] with your event topic idea!

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