June is Pride Month

As we approach pride in June, and in alignment with our statement on Women’s healthcare rights at risk (See below), the implications of the potential decision of the Supreme Court have vast consequences for our Latinx LGBTQ family. Ending the federal constitutional right to abortion could imperil the freedom to same-sex marriage and the freedoms of trans Latinx people.

The rights aligned with abortion are linked to personal privacy, autonomy, dignity and equality and those are the base for inter-racial and same-sex marriage and right to gender identity related social norms. The risk of constitutional compromise of our rights is extremely important for the health of Latin@s and there is a way to solve this from the root: Participate in the elections and make sure we elect those candidates that will uphold those rights. Congress can pass laws that protect our identities and our freedoms and prohibit hate against our comunidades y familias. El derecho al aborto es el derecho a la salud de nuestras mujeres, nuestras familias y nuestra identidad y debemos defenderlo también en las urnas por el orgullo y la dignidad de toda nuestra comunidad y en especial de aquellos que son mas vulnerables, como lo son nuestros LGBTQ-latin@s.

We should celebrate our pride while being vigilant to maintain our rights. !Sí se puede!

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