Equity Summit 2018 | April 11th – 13th, 2018

A call to activists, organizers, and leaders to step into our power, activate our imaginations, and set the national agenda. That agenda will build on what’s been learned about advancing equity and justice and push to achieve the scale required for all to reach our full potential.

Collectively, we know what works. We recognize that the antidote to fear, hate, and twisted nostalgia is to dismantle structural racism, design systems of inclusion, and accept that our fates are intertwined.

Join us in Chicago April 11 – 13 as we explore the complexity and urgency of building a multiracial coalition at this pivotal moment for our nation. Solidarity with the emerging people of color majority is essential to redress past harms, embrace inclusion, build an equitable economy, and model true democracy. At the Summit, we will focus on practice and policy, politics and power-the ingredients needed for transformative change.

The equity movement is stronger than ever, bolstered by our combined resistance to assaults on hard-earned victories and nuanced by our deeper understanding of intersectionality and the interconnectedness of issues. It’s time for us to come together, identify our strategies and goals, and realize our vision.

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