Empower the Future: Become a MOLA Mentor

Greetings from MOLA!

We need your help to empower the next generation of Latino/a/e healthcare professionals by becoming a mentor through the MOLA Mentorship Program.

Cultivate Tomorrow’s Leaders:
As a mentor, you have the power to shape the future of healthcare by nurturing the talents of motivated Latino/a/e students. Your experience and wisdom can create a lasting impact on their professional development.

Being a MOLA Mentor offers numerous benefits that go beyond the classroom:

  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader in your field
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas, and innovative approaches
  • Enhancement of your professional development portfolio
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own goals and practices
  • Development of leadership and coaching skills that transcend boundaries

Make a Difference:
Your contribution matters. By dedicating your time to mentorship, you are contributing to the development of diverse and impactful future healthcare professionals.

Mentor Commitment:
We value your time and commitment. We kindly ask that you:

  • Complete and submit the application through the provided link.
  • Stay connected with program updates and communication via email and text.
  • Lead a one-hour lecture/workshop during our Saturday programming.
  • Foster monthly connections with your mentee group for 30 minutes per month.

Are you ready to inspire? 

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