Congratulations to everyone who was recognized in any way!

You add mucho orgullo to our MOLA family. If you have been recognized/featured, please feel free to share the good news with us so we can feature you in our newsletter. Just send us an email at [email protected]

Congratulations to Ivonne Beltrán, a current MOLA Scholar, for being awarded the DREAM MD Equity Scholarship by the American Medical Association. The DREAM MD Equity Scholarship recognizes the unique experiences of DACA-recipient medical students and other first-generation immigrants. Read all about it here. Well deserved award!

A big shout out to Dr. Lourdes Shanjani for representing La República Dominicana and MOLA at the vigil for Black lives in Lake County. Here is her powerful statement that she kindly shared with us:

As an immigrant woman of color, afrolatina and a concerned community member I stand in solidarity with my black brothers and sisters. I call for unity between the Latinx and African American community so together we can stand against racism, discrimination and other racial injustices towards Black and Brown people. I encourage you to speak up for change in the system so we can all be treated equally based on human worth and dignity. I invite you to hold those difficult conversations about race among your inner circles and your communities with understanding and respect. To open our hearts and minds so we can listen and learn from the experiences of others. To end hostility, fear and pain.”

Let’s give a round of applause to Dr. Marina Del Ríos, Dr. Melissa Simon, and Dr. Wen-ho Yang, our MOLA members and friends that were recognized as Crain’s 2020 Notable Healthcare Heroes. During these harrowing times, let’s keep thanking the frontline workers who work long hours and put their own health on the line to help others. Click here to read the full article and read about the other heroes.

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