Aves del Paraíso: MOLA’s DACA Taskforce

Aves del Paraíso is a rare flower found in many Latin American countries, with origins in South Africa. The name symbolizes freedom and joy, similar to DACA students trying to find freedom from the oppression and challenges faced everyday. The Aves del Paraíso: MOLA’s DACA Taskforce, established in the fall of 2021, will:

  • Create scholarship/sponsorship for DACA students
  • Expand database of DACA medical professionals
  • Increase connections with medical schools in Chicago
  • Grow our DACA Hogares mentorship program extension
  • Form database of scholarships, especially full ride scholarships for both undergrad and medical school

The main focus of this task force, and eventual committee, is to not only increase representation of DACA individuals in medicine, but to also advocate for DACA individuals by addressing the needs that this group of individuals face everyday, including financially, scholarly, politically, and mentally.

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Aves del Paraíso