MOLA Program Manager Position

In alignment with MOLA’s mission, the Program Manager role is designed to provide a detail-oriented professional within MOLA’s leadership team. The Manager will co-lead and oversee all programs within MOLA’s Academic Pathways. The emphasis will be on program management of MOLA Scholars, a national Latinx Health Conference in Chicago, Mentorship and Advocacy. This is an ideal position to build a career path on project and program management, non-profit work, Health Administration, Public Health, and Health Professional Associations.

MOLA is a comprehensive non-for-profit professional medical association that focuses on the advancement, health, and wellness of the Hispanic/Latino/a/e/x community. To build a pipeline of successful Latino/a/e/x professionals impacting health disparities in the USA MOLA is structured as two strategic organizational divisions: Academic Pathways and Leadership Pathways. The Program Manager, under the direction of MOLA’s President, will play a crucial role in facilitating interdisciplinary engagement with a focus on health career students, professionals, physicians, physicians-in-training and other health advanced professionals.

This position is part of MOLA’s organizational development with high potential for promotion into leadership roles including Director of Academic Pathways and/or Executive Director positions.


Program Manager Objectives:

  • Plan, coordinate and support logistically the execution of all Academic Pathways programs, projects, committees and research initiatives.
  • Contribute to grant proposals with programmatic narratives and budgets and effectively lead awarded grants.
  • Gain and apply in-depth understanding of the healthcare professional and public health non-profit organizational landscape, including scope, structure, and objectives.
  • Integrate specific projects into larger organizational goals.
  • Provide leadership in a professional healthcare setting.



MOLA’s organizational structure provides two main Divisions. The Programs Manager will primarily focus on programmatic development, working directly with the President, The executive Committee and Board of Directors, and will have a collaborative and coordinated relationship with the Leadership and Administrative Lead (Fellow).

The Program Manager will be responsible for strategic, medium, and small-scale projects related to program development. This includes strategic planning, co-leading and logistical support to committees, management and data, reports, grants, event and project planning, management, execution, reporting, communication content generation, outreach, and networking.


MOLA Academic Pathways Division Structure:

Education & Research (E&R)

  • Scholars – MOLA- MRF and Faculty Scholars
  • Latinx Health Conference

Mentorship Program

  • General Mentorship
  • Sexual and Gender Minority Health
  • International Health Graduates
  • DACA Aves del Paraiso


Out of scope for reference MOLA Leadership and Administrative Pathways :

  • Finances
  • Governance
  • Communications
  • Membership Engagement
  • Development



The Program Manager will coordinate, provide logistical support, and actively participate in the management of research projects, academic and educational events.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Supporting and coordinating the scholarship application, awarding and management process.
  • Providing assistance and support for grant-writing initiatives
  • Managing and overseeing MOLA’s annual Latinx Health Conference and other academic events.
  • Scheduling co-leading and facilitating monthly committee meetings, including communication with co-chairs.
  • Attending Board of Directors meetings to provide updates on all initiatives and their progress.
  • Building and managing MOLA’s Annual Outcomes Report.
  • Leading, channeling and coordinating communication processes in partnership with Leadership and Administrative Lead. Participating in Editorial Processes for communications.
  • Work closely with the committee chairs, organizing educational events and programs. The role will involve coordinating logistics, managing event timelines, and ensuring seamless communication with all stakeholders.
  • Facilitate and coordinate MOLA’s Mentorship Program, leading the engagement and recruiting mentors and mentees. Overseeing the program’s operation, matching mentors and mentees effectively, fostering a supportive environment for professional development.
  • Designing and implementing programs, events and educational activities surveys to gather feedback and report outcomes for continuous improvement.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required (Public Health, Health Administration or any science, program management and health education management related field)
  • Masters Degree preferred but not required
  • Two years of professional experience or, in lieu of experience, a Master degree in fields such as project management, education management, volunteer management, academic or health management, equity, social justice and or diversity and inclusion
  • Personal alignment with MOLA’s mission
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Comfortable leading group meetings and presentations.
  • Bilingual Spanish-English


Location and schedule:

Full time 40 hours a week remote with preference of residency in Chicago land IL. Meetings and reporting take place in diverse locations. Approximately at least 80% of the work is remote, with 20% in-person attendance at events and meetings in Chicago. MOLA’s Annual Latinx Health Conference and Board of Directors annual meeting are located in Chicago. 40 hours a week with a flexible schedule. Most meetings happen early to late evenings and Saturdays. Most Board of Directors meetings are held remotely on third Saturday of the month.



  • Annual salary $48,000
  • Benefits
    • Flexible Schedule and remote work
    • Health Insurance
    • 15 working days of Paid Time Off PTO


How to Apply:

Application Open: January 20, 2024. The application cycle will close when the position is filled. Interested candidates should email the required materials to

[email protected] with the subject: PROGRAM MANAGER APPLICATION – [INSERT YOUR NAME].

Cover Letter/Statement of interest indicating your  fit for this position and specifically addressing how the candidate meets the “requirements to apply”.

Resume/ Curriculum Vitae

✔ Please include two working and one personal (mentor) names with email and phone number whom we could contact for references. (You do not need to provide letters of reference) The information about your references can be included at the end of your CV or within your letter or statement of interest.

✔ Indicate in your letter or email your availability to start the target date. If not able to start by March 1, 2024. There is some level of flexibility, please provide the range of your availability to start.

When a completed application is received, the candidate will be notified of receipt via email. Selected candidates will be invited to interview for the position. The application cycle will be  open and candidates will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


Immigrant and minority health experience is highly valued. International applicants with proven knowledge and experience working within the US health system and residing in the USA are accepted. MOLA does not provide facilitating working visas.