MOLA Fellowship Program

The Medical Organization for Latino Advancement (MOLA) Fellowship program is a 1 year opportunity, looking to equip motivated individuals with the necessary expertise to effectively oversee and lead non-profit organizations while creating impactful programs focused on Latinos/as/es/x health professionals.

This program offers a unique opportunity for participants to gain practical knowledge, valuable insights through a curriculum that covers topics such as non-profit governance, strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, and organizational leadership as well as identify areas of need within medical education of Latinx students, conduct needs assessments, design curriculum, and implement effective programming.

Leadership Fellowship

The Leadership Fellowship Program is designed to provide the selected candidate with a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences to build skills for management, leadership policy and research in healthcare, with emphasis on non-for-profit, health administration, public health and health professional associations. By the end of the fellowship program, participants will have acquired a skill set that combines non-profit leadership and management with a focus on healthcare equity for the Latinx community. Fellows will effectively lead committees, directly participate in securing funding through grant writing, collaborate in design, planning and deployment of innovative consulting and cultural DE&I education creating educational/training solutions positively impacting the medical, health professions, student and community at large.

Leadership Fellowship Objectives

  • Apply academic learning to real-world practice.
  • Understand the US healthcare professional and public health non-for-profit systemic and institutional landscape and legal frames.
  • Integrate and correlate specific projects with larger organizational goals.
  • Gain experience and further develop skills in a professional healthcare setting in management and leadership.


This non educational and apprenticeship Fellowship offers a flexible schedule with most activities (Not all) virtual and estimates a minimum of 20 hours a week with a monthly stipend of $1,000.

Ideal Candidates have some prior exposure in the Public Health, Health Administration, Health Management, Program Development, Grant Writing, Leadership, Community Health. Any clinical management experience is welcome as well as fully bilingual and bicultural international graduates already in the US and preferably, but nor exclusively, in the Midwest and or Chicago area.

Programmatic Fellow


In alignment with MOLA’s mission, the Programmatic Fellowship Program is designed to provide the selected candidate with a wide range of learning opportunities to build skills for the healthcare industry, with emphasis on research and program management, non-for-profit, Health Administration, Public Health and Health Professional Associations. 

The programmatic Fellow  Provides coordination, logistical support including committee meetings, agendas, calendars, data collection, partial, final, and annual reports, communication content and outreach, support, and participation in some management of research projects and programs grant writing for the following programmatic areas/committees/task forces: Education & Research, Mentorship, International Health Graduates (IHG), Public Health & Advocacy

Programmatic Fellowship Objectives 

  • Apply academic learning and work basic work experience to real-world practice in programmatic management and research. 
  • Understand the healthcare professional and public health non-for-profit organizational landscape, including scope, structure, and objectives. 
  • Integrate how specific projects relate to larger organizational goals.
  • Gain experience and further develop skills in a professional healthcare setting.

2022-2023 Fellows

Josselyn Carolina Velepucha Iniguez, MD


Leadership Fellow

Josselyn is  an International Medical Graduate from Ecuador who graduated from Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja. She has a strong commitment to healthcare and community service. Currently pursuing a residency position in Internal Medicine, she actively contributes to a non-profit clinic in Champaign, Illinois, where she assists uninsured and underinsured patients in accessing essential healthcare services. With a particular focus on health equity, women’s health and rights, and patient-centered care, Josselyn is interested  in addressing the needs of marginalized communities.

She states “Through the fellowship, I  had the opportunity to enhance and refine skills that will benefit my future career as a medical doctor. The program has provided me with valuable training in communication, problem-solving, and leadership, empowering me to advocate for the needs of my patients. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the mentoring I have received”

Programmatic Fellow

Melissa García Patiño


Programmatic Fellow

Melissa is an international medical graduate from CES university in Medellin-Colombia. She is certified by the ECFMG and MATCH in pathology. She is very passionate about what she does. Melissa is an active member for The Medical Organization for Latino Advancement (MOLA) and is working as the programmatic fellow for MOLA this year. The committees that she supports are Education & Research, Mentorship, IHG and Public Health & Advocacy including the task forces. She believes in the benefit for the Latinx and Hispanic community with MOLA and wants to be part of the development of the organization.

How to apply

Please email the following materials to [email protected] 


    • Statement of interest indicating your personal fit for this position and  specifically addressing how the candidate meets the “requirements to apply”.
    • Updated CV 
  • Include 2 references’ names, emails, and phone number

Application Open: May 15, 2023

The application cycle will close when the position is filled.