Leadership & Administrative Fellowship

Development, Governance, Finance, Communication, Membership Engagement.

In alignment with MOLA’s mission, the Leadership & Administrative Fellowship is designed to provide the selected candidate with a wide range of learning experiences to build skills for management and leadership in health organizations, with emphasis on non-for-profit, social enterprises and professional trade organizations.

MOLA is a comprehensive health professional and medical association that focuses on representation and the advancement, health, and wellness of Latino/a/e/x Hispanic and related identities (Hereafter LHS+) and provides ample exposure to interdisciplinary engagement within several health professions with a focus on physicians and physicians-in-training and health management professionals. MOLA has built a robust LHS+ health care professions pipeline with Midwest, nationwide and international reach. More information about MOLA’s mission and structure is available at www.molahealth.org


Leadership Fellowship Objectives
  • Applying academic learning to real-world practice.
  • Understanding and navigating the US healthcare professions, public health, and non-for-profit systemic and institutional structures.
  • Integrating how projects relate to larger organizational strategies and goals.
    Gain hands-on experience and significantly develop management and leadership skills in a professional health related setting.
  • Building strong understanding of overall professional trade and social enterprise organizations structure, strategy and tactical execution of operations, finances, development and leadership
Field Opportunity

MOLA’s organizational structure provides two main fields of learning opportunities:
Organizational development working directly with the President, Executive Committee and MOLA’s Board of Directors (BoD). The governance of MOLA comprises volunteer members that run the organization through its BoD’s Executive Committee. Board administration, development and its governance function are under the scope of experiences provided to the Fellow.

Leadership and Management working under the President and Executive Committee on leadership development programming, financial, budgeting and accounting operations, development/fundraising grant writing, communications, and membership development functions.

Coordinating with MOLA’s Academic Pathways Program Management. MOLA’s Leadership Fellow works in coordination with Programs Manager and provides administrative and logistical support to MOLA’s programmatic areas.

Requirements to apply:

Candidates must indicate the reasons why they are interested in this opportunity and demonstrate:

  • Intent to pursue an advanced graduate degree related to healthcare (e.g., individuals taking a gap year between undergraduate degree and graduate school) or current enrollment in a graduate program (current graduate students must explain how MOLA’s fellowship will integrate with his/her/their graduate program work and should have approval from the graduate program to be selected).
  • Pertinent professional work or academic/scholarly work aligned with MOLA’s mission and the above organizational and programmatic fields.
  • Personal commitment to advance equity for underrepresented (LHS+) professionals in the health management and leadership fields.

The MOLA preceptorship is planned for 12 months (one academic year, including Summer). A minimum of 20 hours per week; however, fellows may invest as much time participating as applicable. The daily schedule varies and it is flexible with most meetings happening in the early morning or late afternoon and most in-person activities in the evenings. Approximately 80% remote 20% in-person activities. Target start date: June 1st, 2024.

For reference, MOLA’s busiest seasons are Summer and Fall, when we have our annual conference and the largest academic events, which require significant support, including increased availability in Sept and October.

Fellowship Preceptor/Supervisors

MOLA’s President and Vice President Currently Oscar Ivan Zambrano MPH, MBA and Jonthan Moreira, MD.


A student non-employment stipend of $1,000.00 a month is provided. Fellows must provide a monthly report of activities and time spent to be verified by the supervisor/ preceptor prior to processing monthly payments.


Meetings take place in diverse work settings but are mainly virtual. Most meetings are held during evening hours. A significant number of projects are regional with some national and international scope. In-person events happen mostly in the evening and on weekends in Chicago, IL. Attendance to the MOLA Annual Conference is required.

Fellowship Scope

Includes strategic, medium, and small scale projects, as well as other opportunities that promote an understanding of the organization such as event planning, meetings staffing and follow-ups of functional processes, tasks, and networking events.


The selected Fellow will participate, coordinate, provide leadership and administrative support and, in some cases, co-lead the below detailed functional Committees and areas. The work includes scheduling and running monthly meetings, taking meeting minutes, communicating summaries, and tracking follow-ups and reporting on areas assigned. Manage membership databases, plan along with the Program Manager and committees’ co-chair’s leadership engagement, social events (researching/reaching out to venues and caterers, developing programming, etc.), co-lead MOLA’s communications plans and coordinate with contractors MOLA’s website, messaging, promotion, social media platforms and programmatic content publication, small financial operations and bookkeeping. All of the above with close proximity and guidance from the Executive Committee, President MOLA’s Leadership Pathways Leader Servant.

Functional committees and Functional Processes:

Institutional Development: Strategic planning, governance, fundraising and grant writing, in coordination with MOLA’s grant writing leader and MOLA’s Academic Pathways Program Manager. Participate in the planning and implementation and execution of the organization’s grant and fundraising strategy.

Governance and Board of Directors
Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Advisory Board and Governance Committee. Coordination agenda, minutes and follow ups.

Membership Engagement
Membership growth, creation and organization of networking events. Help with the recruitment and orientation of volunteers for the events in which MOLA participates.

Maintain accounting records. Monitor financial accounts and reconcile between account systems (Aplos, Chase, and PayPal) on a monthly basis. Produce monthly financial reports to the Financial Committee and submit them to the Board of Directors’ agenda. Manage a financial obligations calendar and filing (i.e., state and federal tax returns, AG 990, secretary of state, and W2) in coordination with MOLA’s treasurer and accountant. Assist with the plan, development, and tracking of the annual budget.

LHS+ Health Annual Conference
Support the Education & Research committee with the logistical portion of the annual conference (Registration, promotion, and wellness/food coordination) and attend it in Chicago, October 2024.

Support communication strategy planning and tactical execution and co-lead contractors on social media, messaging and website maintenance.

How to Apply:

Application Open: March 25, 2024
The application cycle will close when the position is filled.

To apply:

Please email the following materials to [email protected]
Statement of interest indicating your personal fit for this position and specifically addressing how the candidate meets the “requirements to apply”.
Updated CV
Include 3 references’ names, emails, and phone numbers whom we could contact for additional information. (You do not need to provide letters of reference) The information about your references can be included at the end of your CV or within your letter or statement of interest.
Bilingual (Spanish-English) and Bicultural (Latinx) candidates are strongly encouraged to apply in the USA. International applicants living in the USA with exposure to the USA health system are acceptable.
Public Health, Health Administration, Public Administration, Business Administration, and Project Management are ideal experiences and academic backgrounds.
Candidates will be notified of receipt via email. Selected candidates will be invited to interview for the position. The application cycle will be open and candidates will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.