Grant Writer Position Opening

2021 Medical Organization for Latino Advancement 

Grant Writer Position Opening

General Role Description: 

The Grant Writer works as a non-employee independent contractor in collaboration with the Executive committee in researching, developing and submitting private sector, public and federal grant proposals to new funding sources in order to obtain support for MOLA’s programmatic initiatives. MOLA’s preceptorship program will allocate interns’ time to provide administrative and clerical support to the work of the grant writer. Grant Writer may design and implement other avenues for raising funds for the organization.

Who are we?

MOLA is a non-profit (501 C-3 status) association of Hispanic/Latinx physicians and health professionals working for career advancement, linguistic, advocacy, cultural competency, advocacy, personal wellness, and health equity for the good of the entire Hispanic/Latinx community. 

To achieve our mission, our organization comprises seven programmatic committees that individually focus on the sectors that address equity and representation of our community of professionals in the USA healthcare system. Current scope of MOLA’s work is Chicago, Illinois, Madison and Milwaukee in Wisconsin. The programmatic committees:

  1. Public Health: Focuses on developing and executing community-based partnerships and initiatives related to health care, health promotion and disease prevention as well as health literacy and education on population health and value based care
  2. International Graduates: Provides guidance and support through mentorship, educational workshops, networking and interview preparation to Latinx health professionals in the US in the process of credentialing and licensing to practice to the full scope of education and skills
  3. Advocacy: Focused on highlighting locally relevant issues in healthcare education, access and provision for the Latinx community. In addition, advocates for Latinx health care professional are part of the local, State and federal policy decision-making
  4. Education & Research, and Scholarship: Develops strategies to support our members’ career development by providing forums where Latinx health issues and Latinx health professionals, students, and researchers showcase their academic work. In addition, connects practicing professionals and researchers with students to foster collaboration and support in their academic journey. The E&R program offers a Scholar program providing  financial support preceptorship to students in health care at all levels of their careers
  5. Mentorship: Aims to enhance pipelines to health care careers for motivated high school, undergraduate, medical, and graduate students.  Mentorship is provided in a team-based structure across all levels: Health Care Leaders, Physicians, Resident Physicians, Medical Students, Other Health Care Professionals, Undergraduates, and High School Students
  6. Wellness: Maximizing the opportunities for Latino health professionals to build meaningful connections and expand their professional networks, address the stress that comes with their critical role, and learn about ways to ensure their personal, family, financial, business, and career wellness
  7. Medical Students: Collaborating with student representatives from all academic institutions in the Chicagoland and Illinois to develop and execute activities catering to the needs of the medical student community; this includes mentorship, publish and support student’s academic work, educational workshops, and featuring opportunities in the professional and civic engagement

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Research sources of support among federal funding agencies as well as local (Chicagoland area), regional (Illinois), and national private funders and corporations for potential program funding according to programmatic objectives.  The grant writer will work closely under the supervision of MOLA’s executive committee.

2. Collaborating with the chairs of the different programmatic committees to write and submit successful grant proposals. This includes working with the different committees through the proposal development process, writing, editing and gathering supplemental materials to meet funding agency requirements

3. Working under the direction of the  Executive Committee the submission of programmatic and financial information/data to comply with approved grants’ fiscal and reporting requirements

4. Managing and implementing timely follow-up on proposals submitted, including acknowledgment of grants received and creating progress, financial and final reports as required 

5. Overseeing the creation, maintenance and distribution of the Grants Calendar, which provides a current listing of deadlines for letters of intent, proposals and program reports

Role Time Commitment and Pay: 

  1. The Grant Writer role will require a time commitment approximately 10 hours/week or equivalent work as an independent contractor
  2. This role is a non-employee, contract- based position 
  3. Potential contractor submits proposed hourly 
  4. References of successful grants and recommendations are required 

Qualifications we are seeking: 

  1. Experience in prospect research and grant writing within the health care and/or nonprofit sector
  2. Proven record of successful grant application awarded projects 
  3. As an independent contractor, the Grant Writer must be a motivated self-starter individual with the ability to work independently with purpose and accuracy in a fast-paced environment
  4. Professional experience and personal affinity with health equity, social justice and BIPOC representation in policy, education and professional representation
  5. Bachelor’s Degree required, Graduate Studies degree preferred (i.e Master’s Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, etc.)

Application Material: 

Please submit proposal considering the above via email: [email protected] with the subject line “[Name]-GRANT WRITER APPLICATION” with the following materials: 

  1. Name and Contact Information
  2. CV/Resume (up to 4 pages)
  3. Personal Statement of Interest in the Role and availability (1 page) 
  4. Proposed hourly rate 
  5. Two (2) contact of reference (Name, Institution, Phone Number and/or Email for contacting) 

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions, or need any assistance regarding the application. 

Dr. Joaquin Estrada, MD, FACS, FASCRS
MOLA President