Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) is seeking an Assistant Site Manager

Assistant Site Managers are responsible for ensuring the performance of volunteers throughout each day as well as their adherence to safety protocols. They are responsible for getting the first shift of volunteers into the field with proper PPE before 10am, and should be consistently rotating volunteers off and on the field based on the schedule. This role functions as the administrative person on site, providing new volunteers with orientation and debrief of overall site operations.

  • Responsible for printing out the schedule, informing volunteers of their shifts for the day, and make adjustments as needed
  • Make sure volunteers are setting up each station properly
  • After the morning meeting, make sure teams are in appropriate PPE and stationed no later than 10am
  • Perform safety checks by the hour
  • Report any issues to the Site Manager
  • Breaking down checkpoints and test site and packing them away for the evening
  • Make sure volunteers in “demonstration” area: collect all complete samples, remove air from bag containing tests, tie it off, and place in designated pick-up are within the HOT zone
  • Decontaminate all supplies
  • Secure items in designated tent
  • Place “non-contaminated” trash in a central and/or designated location

Required Skills:

  • Management experience is a plus
  • Ability to oversee and troubleshoot operational procedures
  • Ability to supervise volunteers and correct issues calmly and effectively
  • Ability to remain calm in a high-stress environment
  • Posted On  May 14 – 2020
  • Deadline  August 14 – 2020
  • Company Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE)
  • City Chicago
  • Opportunities are DACA-eligible
  • Email [email protected]
  • Web