Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) is seeking a Pre Check-in Assistant

The Pre-Check in Assistant welcomes the patient to the testing site and ask the patient the following three questions:

  1. Have you registered online for an appointment at this location today?
  2. Can you tell me the last 6 digits of your registration number?
  3. Have you eaten or drank anything in the last 20 minutes?
  • If there are multiple people in the car, the assistant will confirm whether or not all individuals are registered for testing
  • If the patient is not already registered, the assistant directs them to the tent where there can complete the registration process
  • If the patient has eaten or drank in the last 20 minutes, the assistant directs them to the waiting area where they will wait until sufficient time has passed to proceed to the next stage
  • If the patient is registered, the assistant will write down the last 6 digits of the registration number on a sticky note and place it onto the windshield of the car, and direct them to the net station
  • Once the patient is determined as ready to move forward in the process, ask them to keep their window rolled UP while they wait in the line for the next station

Required Skills:

  • Ability to communicate with patients clearly and calmly
  • Ability to stand at attention for consecutive hours
  • Ability to remain calm in a high-stress environment
  • Customer service experience is a plus

NOTE: This position requires the employee to wear PARTIAL PPE coverage (glasses, surgical gloves, N95 mask) at all times.

  • Posted On  May 14 – 2020
  • Deadline  August 14 – 2020
  • Company Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE)
  • City Chicago
  • Opportunities are DACA-eligible
  • Email [email protected]
  • Web