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Witnessing and being a part of MOLA’s growth since its early stages, Dr. Jonathan Moreira has been inspired by the organization’s power and potential to elevate our community’s voice across the field of medicine. From his experience in the Board of Directors, Dr. Moreira believes that a robust and energetic membership campaign has been essential to MOLA’s past successes, and is pivotal to its continued growth in Chicago and in other future geographic regions. He believes that in order to ensure that our organization can continue to impact our community the way we envision, we must help our colleagues recognize that their voice rings louder and clearer when it speaks in unison with other Hispanic/Latinx health professionals. Therefore, Dr. Moreira is excited to seek the position of Membership Secretary.  In this role, Dr. Moreira will focus on working to establish deeper, more personal connections across academic medical centers, community hospitals, private practices and non-profit health systems alike. Dr. Moreira believes that these efforts, particularly in those organizations where MOLA’s presence may be more limited but has tremendous potential for growth, can lead to the development of a tailored and personalized recruitment plan for larger health care systems and organizations.