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Alicia Olave-Pichon, MD, MPH

Board Member

Dr. Alicia Olave-Pichon is originally from Peru. She came to Chicago to pursue post-graduate training where she created connections with the Latino community. Her aim is to continue contributing towards an increase of the Latino health professions workforce. As a student at the UIC School of Public health, Dr. Olave-Pichon observed first-hand the lack of representation of Latino students. This experience inspired her to get involved with the Hispanic Center of Excellence at UIC where she worked supporting Latino students to pursue their dream of becoming physicians, helping them to overcome the challenges and barriers they faced by providing resources and tools to help them get into medical school. Currently, Dr. Olave-Pichon is a Pediatric resident at the Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital where she continues to learn about new challenges and find opportunities to empower the Latino community.