Wellness Program

For members interested in developing creative ways to network with other Latino physicians and health professionals and in maintaining a healthy life-work balance and integration. The Wellness Program aims to maximize opportunities for Latino health professionals to get to know each other and expand their networks, relieve stress, and learn about ways to ensure their personal, family, financial, business, and career wellness.

The main strategies for Wellness Program implementation include:
  • Monthly dinners or activities with a wellness development topic, which may include financial wellness, exercise or health-issues, or other topics of interest to physician personal development and wellness.
  • Creation of a strong network ┬ávia membership development and maintenance.
  • MOLA community creation as cooperation strategy to enhance growth and development through collaboration.
  • Activities with emphasis on physician social networking including happy hour, celebrations, thank you events for volunteers, and bi-annual receptions to ensure the membership gets to know each other and develops lasting and impactful relationships.
  • Activities that engage families and provide a venue for enhancing family life and integration of career with family priorities and responsibilities for the Latino health professional.
  • Activities that promote financial and professional knowledge that will improve the career advancement of Latino physicians at every stage of their career.